Our HQ for Online, archives, and Live projects always host Divisions. We do have a Mia Gaming Tech, Depts I and II. We Silently operate Tech and Gaming to cut operational costs. For Departments visit resume:


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Happy 18th Bday SL (2021)

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SLRR -Shark is North or Great North Railway (in SL Wiki)
©LDM Yoga, ©LDM HQ, ©Mia Tech. 
LDM Yoga of North Railway, Shark. 

Where Experience meets (3D) Virtual Reality.

Bio: Yoga Socialite, Former Podcast Radio, Digital/Game Artist

SLRR -Shark is North or Great North Railway (in SL Wiki)
Estate Radio: Muddys Music Cafe (Remote/Live)

Land sale - June-July

bought April 2021
Region: Shark
Description: 4096

Price: $1500 - $29k Lindens

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About VR

Goals: Expansions of Media, VR, and Tech

Where Experience meets (3D) Virtual Reality.

Partial-Lockdown status. 
Please take care of yourselves; Mind-Body-Spirit.

↠Yoga Nursing: EDX and UM; July Term 2, Micro Bachelors|✿♥Yoga is the Umbrella to many related jobs & careers. ♥L.D.M (est2005), Mia Resorts (est 2010). Departments and Projects rotates.

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